April 2 Schedule at a Glance

Kay Sprinkel Grace – “Taking Care of Ourselves, Taking Care of Our Profession: Self-Renewal and Team Building in a Time of Change” (Pre-Conference Session, April 2 &3) {ADVANCED PRACTITIONER OPTION}

Master fundraiser, practitioner and speaker Kay Sprinkel Grace will dig deep with us to offer a comprehensive 6-hour workshop designed for advanced practitioners who need to recharge their batteries and leave ready to reach the next level in the profession and as leaders. If you have been in the field for 10 years or more and lead the development function in your agency, this session is just what you need. Offered as a stand-alone registration option or as an add-on to the full conference.

Session Description: 

Our responsibilities as development professionals are much bigger than “fund raising” (although that in itself feels like a full time job!).  We also must lead and supervise, inspire and motivate, nurture and discipline, be visionary while sticking to our plans and work across our communities with peers, volunteers, and staff.  We must manage up, down and across:  a challenge many of our colleagues in the commercial sector are spared.  Staying renewed, and inspiring the teams you work with to also be energized by their work and their success, is a layer of our commitment to philanthropy that is always present, but often ignored.  As we respond to the urgent, we do not take time for the important:  self and team renewal.

In this workshop, Kay Sprinkel Grace will explore the true impact of burnout using science based information and offer strategies for working towards work/life balance.  Participants will also learn techniques for creating an environment within your team that provides more time for work, play, reflection and professional development.  You will work through various scenarios for implementing new strategies for confronting work overload or lack of vital support whether you are the boss, or whether you need to convey this to your boss.  As an outcome, participants will learn how to be a champion for self-renewal (based on the work of John W. Gardner) and how to extend that concept to your organizations (based on the work of Robert Waterman).

Those who invest in philanthropy in our communities are investing in our capacity to be wise stewards of ourselves, our teams, and our organizations.  This workshop will provide a long lens into strategies that will help you grow professionally while creating a healthier culture in your organization.


CFRE-Level Faculty – “Blank Canvas: Fundraising Basics - A Comprehensive Overview of the Fundraising and Development Function” (Pre-Conference Session, April 2 &3) {FUNDAMENTALS OPTION}

In this entry-level session designed for staff and volunteers, come explore abstract expressionism (as in theories and academic principles of fundraising) as well as paint by number (basic strategies such as 1=cultivate, 2=solicit, 3=steward) and brush stroke mastery (practical application of theory and research) to create your own fundraising masterpiece! This session is perfect for staff/volunteers at any level, to learn for the first time or brush up on knowledge and skills. Offered as a stand-alone registration option or as an add-on to the full conference.

This Fundraising Basics session is built from the successful Fundraising 101 two-day comprehensive class offered annually to a regional audience by the AFP Mid-America Chapter. Top-notch faculty consisting of CFRE-level practitioners with years of experience in the field, and who have also developed the extensive curriculum, will lead this class.