Kay Sprinkel Grace
Kay Sprinkel Grace understands the challenges of 21st century philanthropy as well as its opportunities. She brings her experience from working with countless nonprofit organizations to bear on the current issues affecting donor development, fund raising, outreach, message strategy and volunteerism.

As principal of her own organization since 1989, her recent clients include KQED; Oregon Public Broadcasting; Sustainable Conservation; On Lok Senior Health Services; Encore.org, California Pacific Medical Center; AIDS Service Foundation of Orange County; Oakland Symphony; Los Angeles Philharmonic; African-American Shakespeare Company; Barter Theatre; Girl Scouts of Northern California; Population Action International; Futures Without Violence; and others.

Her BA and MA are from Stanford University, where she is a recipient of their highest award for volunteer service, The Gold Spike, as well as their Centennial Medal, Outstanding Achievement Award, Award of Merit and Associates Award.

She is the author of six books related to philanthropic practices and board engagement, as well as four earlier books by other leaders in the field including early editions of Achieving Excellence in Fundraising by Henry A. Rosso.

As a volunteer, she serves on the Advisory Board of the Czech Fundraising Institute, Prague, Czech Republic, and the governing board of Philharmonia Baroque Orchestra, San Francisco.

She lives and works in San Francisco and is passionate about her family, philanthropy, writing, travel and her photography.

Lilya Wagner
Lilya Wagner holds a doctorate in education from the University of Florida in Gainesville as well as master’s degrees in journalism and music. She has taught a variety of subjects at the university, college and high school levels, and has done training, speaking and consulting in more than fifty countries. Her published writings include articles and book chapters on philanthropy, fundraising and the nonprofit sector, along with books and numerous articles on a variety of general interest and professional topics. Lilya began her fundraising career in healthcare, and has served as a volunteer and board member for a variety of human service, arts and community organizations.

Currently Lilya is director of Philanthropic Service for Institutions, a trainer for The Fund Raising School as well as on the philanthropic studies faculty of the Lilly Family School of Philanthropy at Indiana University, and teaches in the graduate program at St. Mary’s University in Minnesota.

Carol Weisman

Carol Weisman is the president of Board Builders, and works primarily in the US, Canada, the UK and Australia. She specializes in fundraising, philanthropy and governance.

Carol is the author of 9 books on fundraising, governance and philanthropy. Carol's most recent book is "Transforming Ordinary People into Fundraising Superheroes." Carol's book "Raising Charitable Children" is in its 3rd printing. It has been featured in the New York Times, Parade Magazine and was the cover story for Scholastic Parent and Child Magazine.

Carol has been married for 40 years and has 2 sons and 3 grandsons. She currently serves on the board of the Ladue Education Foundation. When not speaking, training and writing, Carol trains with an elite group of plus size runners called the Chafing Dishes.


Lynne Wester

Lynne Wester is a frequent conference speaker and well-known resource for donor relations and fundraising expertise. She has been featured in The Washington Post, CURRENTS magazine, The Chronicle of Philanthropy and many other industry publications. Lynne also created the website and blog www.donorrelationsguru.com where she shares her expertise, opinions and collections of samples on a variety of topics, and hosts a monthly webinar series.

Lynne works with many organizations to help them keep their focus donor driven, technologically savvy, strategic, and always with a splash of good humor. She received her undergraduate degrees from the University of South Carolina and is a loyal gamecock alumna, donor and fan.